The CEF members must always remain on the trails designated for horses and identified with the Club's signs.  When they leave the designated trails, riders jeopardize the rights of way acquired over the years. The CEF has signed rights of way with more than 60 land owners. Therefore, we have the privilege of using these trails on private property.

All our trails are clearly identified. 

It is forbidden to:

    • Enter with, park or drive a car in the Pinière;
    • Ride outside of official designated trails;
    • Ride a bike;
    • Smoke in La Pinière;
    • Carry or drink alcoholic beverages;
    • Litter;
    • Light a fire;
    • Damage or destroy municipal property;
    • Walk a dog off-leash on the trails (municipal bylaw 600).

Riders using the trails must be members in good standing with the CEF. They must always wear their tag attached to the saddle, preferably on the left side. The tag must be visible so that the Club's volunteer patrollers can see it easily. 

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