Why become a member?

By becoming a member of the CEF, not only are you ensuring that the Club maintains its beautiful trail network, but you are also contributing to the preservation and protection of the equestrian heritage of Saint-Lazare. The members are who have built the Club in the past and who will continue to make it thrive in the future. You can purchase your membership on our website and fill out the form after the payment.


The CEF membership carries a $10 million liability insurance which applies to all corporal and material damages inflicted upon a third party during equestrian activities. This insurance protects the CEF members should their horse injure a third party or damage someone’s property.

Should an incident involving material and corporal damage occur, it MUST be declared to Cheval Quebec within 30 days of the incident. You can complete the Rapport d’incident by clicking HERE.

To consult the Liability Insurance contract, please click HERE

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