The Club Équestre les Forestiers trail network is spread out over 5 sectors which all connect with one another. The trails are groomed and maintained by dedicated volunteers all year long. Once your horse sets a hoof on these magnificent trails, you will be mesmerized!

Please obey the signs and stay on the trails at all times to protect our rights of way. If you see a rider who inadvertently ventures onto another club's trail, please inform them of par inadvertance sur une piste d’un autre club, s’il vous plaît l’informer des rules.

Pedestrians can use the bridle paths on municipal property (public trails) in blue and yellow.

Blue sign

public trail available year-round

Red sign

trail for horses only on private property available all year round

Yellow sign

cross-country ski trail only available to riders from April 15th to November 15th (depending on snow on the ground)

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